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ABB Semiconductors offers a wide range of fast recovery diodes, standard recovery diodes and welding diodes.

Devices features

  • 32 up to 96 mm wafer
  • 175 A up to 13500 A
  • 200 V up to 6000 V
  • Free floating, LTB and alloyed technology

Typical diode applications

  • Drives
  • Neutral Point Clamp Diodes (NPC)
  • Snubber diodes and input rectifiers for AC-drives
  • Metals melting and electrolysis

Welding diodes

Welding diodes are designed for medium and high frequency welding equipment and optimized for high current rectifiers. The on-state voltage is very low and the output current is high.
ABB is selling both normal housed and housing-less welding diodes. The latter is becoming more and more important in high current welding applications for joining of high refractory materials.
For downloading and printing of data sheets in pdf format, click on the part numbers.

Welding diodes(Medium frequency) Datasheet
Medium frequency Part number VRRM (V) IFAVM (A) IFSM (kA) Package* (mm)
*Note: maximum diameter / pole-piece diameter
5SDD 71X0200200711055.060/44
5SDD 0120C02002001100085.075/57
5SDD 71B0400 /
5SDD 71B0200
5SDD 71X0400400711055.060/44
5SDD 0120C04004001135085.075/57
5SDD 92Z0401400925060.053/47
5SDD 0105Z04014001050270.056/49.5
5SDD 0135Z04014001350085.063.5/57
Welding diodes(High Frequency) Datasheet
High Frequency Part number VRRM (V) IFAVM (A) IFSM (kA) Package* (mm)
*Note: maximum diameter / pole-piece diameter
5SDF 63B040040062664463/44
5SDF 63X040040062664461/44
5SDF 90Z040140090414853/47
5SDF 0102C0400400101597075.5/57
5SDF 0103Z0401400102665456/49.5
5SDF 0131Z0401400130587063.5/57
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