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ABB Semiconductors offers a wide range of fast recovery diodes, standard recovery diodes and welding diodes.

Devices features

  • 32 up to 96 mm wafer
  • 175 A up to 13500 A
  • 200 V up to 6000 V
  • Free floating, LTB and alloyed technology

Typical diode applications

  • Drives
  • Neutral Point Clamp Diodes (NPC)
  • Snubber diodes and input rectifiers for AC-drives
  • Metals melting and electrolysis

Standard recovery diodes

Diodes can be subdivided into two main classes: rectifier diodes and fast diodes. Rectifier diodes are split into two sub-classes: Normal recovery diodes and avalanche diodes. Rectifier diodes are generally used for conversion of AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current).
Normal recovery diodes are optimized with respect to low conduction losses and are able to handle very large currents.
Avalanche diodes are self protected against transient over-voltages.
For downloading and printing of data sheets in pdf format, click on the part numbers.

Avalanche diodes Datasheet
Avalanche diodes Part number VRRM (V) IFAVM (A) IFSM (kA) Package* (mm)
5SDA 11D17021700131015.060/34
5SDA 27F20022000270031.075/47
5SDA 24F23032300235029.075/47
5SDA 10D23032300114013.560/34
5SDA 09D26042600102011.560/34
5SDA 08D320532009109.260/34
5SDA 21F32043200211026.075/47
5SDA 07D380638007907.660/34
5SDA 16F38063800162020.575/47
5SDA 06D500750006907.060/34
5SDA 14F50075000141017.575/47
Normal recovery diodes Datasheet
Normal recovery diodes Part number VRRM (V) IFAVM (A) IFSM (kA) Package* (mm)
*Note: maximum diameter / pole-piece diameter
5SDD 51L28002000538065.0120/78
5SDD 60N28002000683087.0151/100
5SDD 60N28002000683087.0151/100
5SDD 70H20002000703065.0101.5/63
5SDD 60Q28002000738587.0151/100
5SDD 65H24002400652059.0101.5/63
5SDD 65H24002400652059.0101.5/63
5SDD 11D28002800128515.060/34
5SDD 11T28002800128515.058.5/34
5SDD 24F28002800259630.075/47
5SDD 48H32003200470861.0101.5/63
5SDD 54N40003600520085.0151/100
5SDD 40H40004000384746.0101.5/63
5SDD 39K40004000394146.0101.5/63
5SDD 08T50005000102812.058.8/34
5SDD 08D50005000102812.060/34
5SDD 20F50005000197824.075/47
5SDD 33L55005000348046.0120/78
5SDD 36K50005000363845.0101.5/63
5SDD 38H50005000381445.0101.5/63
5SDD 50N55005000457073.0151/100
5SDD 06D6000600066210.558.5/34
5SDD 09D6000600084511.058.5/34
5SDD 10F60006000136317.574.5/47
5SDD 14F60006000136317.574.5/47
5SDD 31H60006000320140.0101.5/63
5SDD 31K60006000305240.0101.5/63
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