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gate Search Login Insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) and diode modules with SPT and SPT+ chips

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gate Search Login Insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) and diode modules with SPT and SPT+ chips

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ABB’s IGBT power modules are available from 1700 to 6500 volt as single IGBT, dual / phase-leg IGBT, chopper and dual diode modules. The high-power HiPak IGBT modules feature low losses combined with soft-switching performance and record-breaking Safe Operating Area (SOA). The newly introduced 62Pak fast switching medium-power IGBT modules feature lowest switching losses, full 175 °C operation with full square SOA and standard package allowing drop-in replacement.
For downloading and printing of data sheets in PDF format, click on the part numbers.

IGBT and Diode Modules 1.7kV, 2.5kV, 3.3kV, 4.5kV, 6.5kV Datasheet
Part Number Voltage VCES (V) Current IC (A) Type Package Plecs model
1.7 kV
5SNG 0150Q1703001700150Phase leg IGBT62PakXML
5SNG 0200Q1703001700200Phase leg IGBT62PakXML
5SNG 0300Q1703001700300Phase leg IGBT62PakXML
5SND 0800M1701001700800Dual IGBTHiPakXML
5SNE 0800M1701001700800ChopperHiPakXML
5SNG 1000X170300 #17001000Phase leg IGBT LinPakXML
5SNA 1600N170100017001600Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNA 2400E170100 *17002400Single IGBTHiPak
5SNA 2400E17030517002400Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNA 3600E17030017003600Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SLA 3600E17030017003600Single diodeHiPakXML
2.5 kV
5SNA 1500E25030025001500Single IGBTHiPakXML
3.3 kV
5SNG 0250P3303053300250Phase leg IGBTHiPakXML
5SLG 0500P3303003300500Phase leg diodHiPakXML
5SND 0500N3303003300500Dual IGBTHiPakXML
5SLD 1000N33030033001000Dual diodeHiPakXML
5SNA 1000N33030033001000Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNA 1000N33030033001000Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNA 1500E33030533001500Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNE 0800E3301003300800ChopperHiPakXML
5SNA 0800N3301003300800Single IGBT HiPakXML
5SLD 1200J33010033001200Dual diodeHiPakXML
5SNA 1200E33010033001200Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNA 1200G33010033001200Single IGBTHiPakXML
4.5 kV
5SNG 0150P4503003300250Phase leg IGBTHiPakXML
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