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Very High PULSE LOAD compared to the average load

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Very High PULSE LOAD compared to the average load

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These resistors are insulated and can easily be mounted in compact constructions. They are specially constructed for high pulse loads compared to the average load. The nominal load can be improved by forced air cooling or by mounting the resistors on a heat sink.

The resistor elements are wirewound on mica support sheets. Lower ohmic values are however made with helix wound elements mounted in a ceramic support part. The outer housing is an aluminium profile insulated with micanite sheets on all inner surfaces. The resistor elements are fixed symmetrical in the profile by the mica construction. This ensures a symmetric expansion of the resistors and a maximum stability to high load impulses. The aluminium profile with the fixed resistor element is filled with quarts sand.  This ensures a minimum change of the resistor surface temperature even if the resistor element reaches its maximum temperature during a pulse load. If higher protection classes are required please use our CCRCBR, CBS, CBT or CMQ resistors. The highest protection class is IP65 / Type 4X, and the power range is up to 14.9 kW

Danotherm offers THERMAL SIMULATION to customers ensuring the right first choice of components 




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Bi-Alpha Compact power resistor

nominal load: steady state 45W – 175W
Pulse load:
40s/120s:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75W - 460W 
10s/120s:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .140W - 760W 
5s/120s: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 500W - 2.5kW 
1s/120s: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 950W - 4.6kW

BRH     BRV type resistors are used as brake resistors in moderate low power drive systems like conveyer belts, elevators and escalators and other drive systems. Nominal power ranges from 200 - 670W       CCH Flat-Pack CCHNominal load: steady state 100W -  570W Pulse Load:    40s/120s:    300W - 1700W                     10s/120s:   1000W - 5.7kW                      5s/120s:  1.8 kW - 10.2kW                      1s/120s:  2.0kW -  11.4kW . IP50 - IP65, Silicone freeBest model for mounting on Heat Sinks   CDH Flat-Pack CDHNominal load: steady state 110W -  205W Pulse Load:    40s/120s:     330W - 615W                     10s/120s:    1.3kW - 2.5kW                      5s/120s:      2.5W - 4.9kW                      1s/120s:     4.0kW - 8.0kW   CAH/CAV Nominal load: steady state  55W - 190W Pulse Load:    40s/120s:   170W - 550W                     10s/120s:   500W - 2.3kW                      5s/120s:    890W - 4.3kW                      1s/120s:   2.5kW - 14 kW   CAR CAR-The smallest large surface profileNominal load: Cable Conn; Steady state:  100W - 350W Conn. Box;   Steady state: 100W - 335WPulse Load, Cable connestions                     40s/120s:     280W - 950W                     10s/120s:    1.2kW - 4.2kW                      5s/120s:     2.3kW - 7.6kW                      1s/120s:      7kW -  25 kW  . (Pending)   ALPHA DIN Rail mounting Small resistor types from the CAR, CBR and CCR lines can be mounted easily on DIN Rails. Resistors mounted this way can be used as Dehumidifier Elements   CBH CBV CBR CBH / CBV Nominal load: steady state 110W - 330W Pulse Load:    40s/120s:    300W - 1000W                     10s/120s:    900W - 4.3kW                      5s/120s:   1400W - 8.5kW                      1s/120s:      5kW - 34kW.   CBR-The medium sized large surface profileNominal load: Cable Conn; Steady state: 311W - 1700WConn. Box;  Steady state: 280W - 1290WPulse Load, Cable connestions                     40s/120s:     900W - 5.2kW                     10s/120s:     1.8kW - 14.3kW                      5s/120s:      2.7kW - 23.4kW                      1s/120s:     10.2kW -  73.1kW  . IP00, IP20, IP50, IP65; Silicone free   CBHK/CBVK The CBHK/CBVK has been designed with increased insulation meeting the demands for 1000VAC/1440VDC.    CCR CCR-The original, medium sized large surface profileNominal load: Cable Conn; Steady State: 185W -1045W Conn. Box;   Steady State: 140W - 790WPulse Load, Cable Connestions                     40s/120s:     550W - 4.5kW                     10s/120s:     1.2kW - 11kW                      5s/120s:      2.5kW - 14kW                      1s/120s:      4.5kW - 43kW  . IP20, IP50, IP65; silicone free.   HVB HVB70 high pulse, high voltage style aluminium housed resistors.     Medium to high power crowbar resistor, 300 – 1150 kJ HVB70.400.2      570kJ HVB70.400.4      1100kJ HVB70.400.6      1700kJ HVB70.400.8      2200kJ IP65, dielectric strength 15KVrms@50Hz for 1 minute     CBT CBT- Powerful large surface profileNominal load: Cable Conn; Steady State: 500W - 3200WConn. Box; single profile:                  Steady State: 500W - 3200WConnector box; two profiles:                 Steady State: 2800W - 5500WPulse Load, Cable connestions, one profile                    40s/120s:   1.25kW - 9.5kW                    10s/120s:   4.2kW - 32kW                     5s/120s:    7.6kW - 57kW                     1s/120s:     25kW - 190kW  .IP20, IP50, IP65; Silicone free   CBS     CBS has the same resistor element as the CBT but more compact mechanical outline dimensions.   CBS is optimized for single pulse load applications (i.e. one - two / hour) like LVRT (Low Voltage Ride Through) or FRT (Fault Ride Through) Resistors, for Wind Turbines Emergency stop applications Pre-Charge of transformers and Capacitor BanksAvailable as single profile units as well as multiple profile modules, standard or customer specified. Power range single profile: Steady state: 410W – 3600W Single pulse (one per hour):           40s:                   3.4 kW –  55 kW          10s:                   8.2 kW – 142 kW            5s:                    10 kW – 230 kW            1s:                    32 kW – 728 kW IP20, IP50, IP65; “Silicone Free"   CMQ CMQ is the largest Pulse Load Resistor in the Alpha Family. The CMQ is optimized for high single pulse loads (i.e. one or two / hour) but capable to handle about 40% more power than CBS types and still maintaining a low surface temperature. Applications are LVRT (Low Voltage Ride Through) or FRT (Fault Ride Through) Resistors, forWind Turbines Emergency stop applications Pre-Charge of transformers and Capacitor BanksAvailable as single profile units as well as multiple profile modules, standard or customer specified. Power range single profile: Steady state: 725W – 4450W Single pulse (one per hour):           40s:       2.3 kW – 15 kW          10s:       9.2 kW – 62 kW            5s:     17.3 kW – 125 kW            1s:     53.7 kW – 620 kW  IP20, IP50, IP65; “Silicone Free”   HVBS HVBS - High voltage, large surface profileNominal load: Cable Conn; Steady State: 850W - 3500WConn. Box; single-case housing:                  Steady State: 650W - 2650WConnector box; double-case housing:                 Steady State: 1500W - 6000WPulse Load, Cable connestions, single-case housing                    40s/120s:   2.5kW - 12kW                    20s/120s:   4.4kW - 23kW                    10s/120s:   7.6kW - 46kW                     5s/120s:     13kW - 93kW                     1s/120s:     42kW - 385kW   CBW The new type of Water Cooled Brake Resistor combining the advantage of water cooling with the high pulse load ability of the traditional aluminium housed Alpha resistors.   OEM-ALPHA

Some examples of OEM solutions and modifications of standard products within the Alpha Range are shown here. 

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