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Resistors are part of electrical circuits that, for example, rectify current produced in alternating voltage, thereby facilitating the most efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable energy transfer possible. Resistors are used again in the eventual conversion of rectified current into usable alternating voltage.
EBG’s resistors regulate voltage, for instance, in power electronics of frequency converters for locomotives or wind turbines as well as in modern medical equipment. Their advantage is a very low temperature and voltage coefficient, a high degree of stability, high-temperature resistance, and very low tolerances

Metal Film Resistors

The advantage of EBG’s metal film resistors is its extremely high precision with regard to ohmic value, temperature coefficient, and long-term stability. The selection of different designs with corresponding power categories extends over a wide range, from radial and axial designs to elements tested according to MIL standards. There are also molded designs for extreme operating conditions.
EBG’s metal film resistors are used in a variety of applications such as measurement instruments, for which precision and stability are particularly important.

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