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Industrial grade, ultra-high fidelity, up to 6-core processor HIL for the most demanding test and verification jobs.

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제품 정보

상품 기본설명

Industrial grade, ultra-high fidelity, up to 6-core processor HIL for the most demanding test and verification jobs.

상품 상세설명

HIL 6 series, Exquisitely engineered for the ultimate test and verification of power electronics control systems.

6-cores, Infinite possibilities.

With 20 ns PWM sampling time, down to 500 ns simulation time step, and ultra-low latency, 6 Series processor has set the industry standard for ultra-high fidelity real-time emulation of power electronics systems.
Simply plug your controller into a Typhoon HIL 6 Series real-time emulator, without any controller modifications, and take it for the most demanding test drive ever. Test any and all imaginable operating conditions, including faults. Automate and formalize test processes with our integrated software tools.

Integrated testing environment
Quickly debug control code with deep memory scope/capture function. Trigger on fault injection events and quantify the converter system response, with 1 Mpts record length on all 32 analog channels.

Test, optimize, pre-certify

Integrated test enviroment

Build your converter power stage models and perform high demanding and sophisticated test scenarios, in few simple steps:

  1. Define converter model in the vector based schematic editor and compile circuit with a single click.
  2. Run your models in real time, change sources, toggle contactors, load machines and easily inject any kind of disturbances anywhere in the power stage.
  3. Explore emulated signals with built-in oscilloscope and zoom in the waveforms near critical events.
  4. Automate steps 1 to 3 via Python test scripts.

Capture function
Engage your HIL 6 series emulator via intuitive and easy-to-master software environment from the day 1.

Built-in scope
Monitor all HIL I/O channels continuously. Zoom in voltages and currents with seamlessly integrated Typhoon HIL Scope. scope1scope2Scope3

Automated testing

Test executor report table

Test your power electronics controller without moving any power, automatically, continuously, 24/7/365, without human supervision and pre-certify your controller in-house. Pre-commission your controller before you go to the commissioning site. Implement the software regression testing, right. Do it effortlessly.
Discover the most comprehensive power electronics control test environment that will test your control system software, firmware, and hardware to the limit. Easily script the most complex test scenarios, including fault injections and grid disturbances, and automatically execute torrents of tests. And then repeat the tests after every single change in the control code.

5 Gb/s real-time data link.

High Speed Serial Interface

Interconnect multiple HIL602 units into one big, unified, super-HIL emulator with the lightning-fast 5 Gb/s real-time communication link. With a few cables, 602 emulators are transformed from a portable standalone HILs into a full blown HIL cluster emulator. Easily simulate large power electronics systems, from micro-grids to parallel converter, maintaining the 1 us simulation time step, 20 ns PWM resolution, and the signature ultra-high fidelity.

HIL 6 series technical details.

Typhoon HIL602
Processor up to 6 cores
Channels 16 x Analog inputs (AI)
32 x Analog outputs (AO)
32 x Digital inputs (DI)
32 x Digital outputs (DO)
HIL Paralelling yes
Connectivity USB
SMA High-speed serial link
Housing 340 x 95 x 285 [mm], 2.5 kg
Software HIL Control Center
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